Westbourne Grammar School


Westbourne Grammar School is an independent, co-educational, non-denominational school with over 1,500 students. We are an Early Learning – Year 12 School with a very proud and rich history, with our 150th Sesquicentenary approaching in 2017.

At Westbourne Grammar School, we operate a fully integrated educational curriculum across two separate campuses, one at Williamstown and the other at Truganina in Melbourne's west.

The school structure is based on an ELC, Junior and Senior School model, with each level having its own special precinct and Head of School to ensure student needs are properly supported at each level. When it comes to private primary schools, we are an excellent choice as we provide your child with the opportunity to continue through from primary to secondary – allowing them to remain part of a fantastic school community for many years.

For close to 150 years, Westbourne Grammar School has developed an enviable reputation for the independent, co-educational experience we provide, and for our outstanding academic results. Steeped in history and tradition, we are renowned in Melbourne for providing quality education to students from more than 35 different nationalities.

What sets Westbourne apart from all other independent primary and secondary colleges is our unique community. It really is a school for the whole family. Our culture is one of students, teachers and parents all working together to create a safe, caring and nurturing environment that makes the school experience more enjoyable.

We also have a remarkably strong Alumni group at Westbourne with more than 6,500 members who we see as our advocates and ambassadors, our loyal supporters and our lifelong friends. We find that most Alumni choose to stay in touch partly due to the fact that we are both a private primary and secondary school. Many students spend the full extent of their schooling years with us, and therefore develop a lifelong bond.

Naturally, such a team approach to schooling results in outstanding academic results, a testimony to which are our 2013 VCE results.

Our Year 9 students learn at a special, purpose-built facility at our Truganina Campus which provides a unique educational environment and learning experience that has been specifically designed to prepare and equip students for their final years in Senior School.

Looking ahead, Westbourne Grammar School has undertaken considerable expansion since it established its Truganina campus in 1978, and is now embarking on an ambitious and exciting journey with our new purpose-built Amici - Westbourne Early Learning Centre (inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach). We have also recently completed the new Ray Horsburgh Centre which is truly a remarkable facility, as well as a new Sports and Aquatic Centre being built for 2017, in time to celebrate our 150th birthday. In comparison to many independent primary and secondary schools, our facilities are most extensive.


Our School, your School, A world of learning.


An economically independent and vibrant community that consistently provides the highest standards of excellence and innovation in learning within a stimulating and nurturing environment.



Recognising that actively building respectful and sustainable relationships with other human beings, and with our planet, builds strong social capital which, in turn, supports our wellbeing. In doing so we acknowledge our shared cultures and histories.


Encouraging behaviours which encompass notions of innovation, originality, liberation and generative problem-solving in all that we do.


Celebration of the persistent learning at a high level and the pursuit of excellence. Understanding the importance of thinking routines, self-regulation and reflection.


Developing the capacity to question without fear. Understanding that 'success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.'